Lately i have become obsessed with the Turban look, especially this month of April .Normally turban is meant to be a saviour for a bad hair day but recently it has become part of my everyday style. i honestly don't know why i am really in love with turban, maybe because of the look it gives me later on or probably because it makes me easily noticed among the crowds but this easy to notice feature can only be attained if the turban is tied properly.

                         One secret behind tying a turban is to give it a sequential folding this will enable the beauty to become obvious. Some of my peers have been so concerned about my constant tying of turban,most of them feel or think i don't have a nice hair or i don't have a hair do so i am trying to cover my hair while some feel i love having the 'Alahaja' look but they really don't know it is gradually becoming my obsession.

                     I believe the easiest thing to have on your hair if you want to look lady-like especially if you don't have a weave on is a turban ,so instead of combing out your hair excessively and end up getting headache, i just comb it a little because i am not trying to impress my turban with the nice and neat comb out,but rather i focus on tying the turban to achieve a greater look when it comes on.

               Most people have problem with achieving a perfect look with turban,but to me the key to getting a pretty outcome of turban is PATIENCE .When i initially started tying the turban i was not always getting it but with time i became more patient with my self  and i started getting a perfect out come. before you can be able to get other complex styles first;you have to learn the easiest step which was described on my previous post Turban to the rescue

                                                     THINGS USED

  • Pasmina scarf
  • Volumizer
  • Tail comb
  • Creativity
  • Patience


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