5 ways to minimize your spending this Christmas

Hello dear reader, I am sorry for the impromptu break as a result of serious engagement, I hope I am forgiven?
 It is 5days to christmas whoooowooo!!! Who else is excited? and we know this is the period people tend to visit market;stores and online shop frequently in order to purchase personal items and  gift items for friends and family. As we shop we should not get carried away due to over excitement and loose all the money in the bank. That is why I have prepared a Christmas guide to shopping for you all

1. MAKE A SHOPPING LIST: The list should contain what you want to buy this Christmas, it should be in the order of preference and should also have the prices by the side.
The list is very important as it will make you loyal to it and prevent you from purchasing unnecessary things, because the market can be really unpredictable.

2. CREATIVITY: As a DIY blogger I support people being 100% creative during Christmas especially when it comes to decorating homes and giving people gifts, you don't necessarily have to spend money buying decorations from shops. You can check YouTube channels for a guide on how to make one.

3. EARLY BIRDS: it more advisable to start Christmas shopping earlier as the prices in the market won't be outrageous compared to when it is last minute shopping. EARLY shopping also saves you the stress of purchasing things you don't like, if you go to stores at the last minute things you want to buy might no longer be available which may leave you no other option than buying what you don't like

4: BUY YOUR GIFTS IN BULK: buying gifts in bulk helps you save more as you might see it writing on the pack "buy a carton of drink and get 50% discount"  who would not take advantage of such amazing offer

5:CHOOSE LESS PRICY CHILLING SPOTS: Well for some one like me what I love most about Christmas is visiting new exciting places such as restaurant, conventional centers, tourist center and so on but at the same time I am scared of breaking the bank.
If you are like me that love visiting new places, I suggest you should make a list of places you want to visit this festive period, if you have no idea of places, you could visit Google for a guide. Once you make a list of places you love find out how much each place will cost you then go for the less expensive one, isn't that so easy?


  • Check Jacket (oldie)
  • Pant trouser (marks and Spencer)
  • Basket bag (traditional)
  • Mules (rosegold)

    What do you think about these ideas? If you have more suggestions kindly drop them in the comment section.



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