The Sun Flower and Blue Rain Drops

     Hello lovlies hope you enjoyed the weekend , Now the holidays are officially over for me, this is really  sad though as school work might take a reasonable amount of my time, but because of I love my readers and don’t want them sad whenever they visit the blog and find no new article available I will try my best to keep you all entertained.
   Today we would be doing a quick review on this lovely blue and yellow  lace dress which i call The sun flower and blue rain drops. This outfit is an amazing girly dress that would suits any girl with any body type.

 There was a time i really hated the lace material,even after transformed to an amazing dress, when i mean hate, i mean like when a person just pass in front of me a lace dress my mood changes and same as the expression on my face but recently with amazing different styles and slayage accessories  i am intensely falling in love with the lace.

  One thing you should have in mind when sewing a lace dress is to know the color that suits you and suits the occasion
                                          OCCASIONS TO WEAR A LACE GOWN 
  • Wedding
  • Valedictory service
  • Church service 
  • Child dedication
  • Introduction
  • Anniversaries
                         HOW TO  STYLE A LACE
  • Heels
  • Pair of earrings
  • wristwatch
       This is a special kind of out fit i call a special  blue rain drop that produces a beautiful sunflower, this dress does not need so many accessories the color alone compliments itself ,so lovelies why not go today to a shop or market and search for a lace and style this way.

 What do you feel about this dress?, Kindly drop your comment in the comment box in form of 'Disqus' below.



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