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Honestly I really thank the creative mind behind the invention of wigs, you are a life saver.
Wig is my go to hair look when ever I am broke or tired to have my hair done. I remember when braided wig was on my wish list but today look at who is a proud owner of a braid wig.
Today's write up I will be giving tips on how to care for braided wig

1. Wash your braided wig in a warm water by adding shampoo to not use hot water if not you would destroy it.
2. For the tip/tail of the braids you could dip it into hot water to enable straighten it.
3. Apply hair moose while the braided wig is still wet.

4. Apply coconut oil to make it shine.

5 apply anti odour to prevent it from having a bad odour.

6 Always hang your braided wig up right I used my curtain handle to hang , pretty smart right.

Styling: Before you put on the wig use hair gel to smoothen your natural hair in other to avoid extra hair coming out.

Bonus tips (Don'ts)
  • Do not tie your braided wig every time; sorry love I know the weather condition is harsh, but you just have to start getting use to leaving your braided wigs loose.

  • Do not leave your braided wig all tied up in a nylon/bag; always air it.

  • Do not sleep with your braided wig on, it causes it to tangle.

If you take these tips seriously you will enjoy your braided wig because it will serve you for a long time.

Kindly drop your comment in the comment section in form of "disqus" about what you do to take care of your braided wigs.



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